Food Fight


Do you know that feeling when your favourite food starts a fight in your stomach causing heartburn? This was the insight used to create the Food Fight campaign for ENO ANTACID. 

The campaign was a huge success and our approach was exported to other countries such as Argentina, starring this time a giant "pollo" that causes a big trouble in a restaurant (left). In order to understand all the campaign steps and its context, please take a look at the case study (right).


Our Shrimp tried its luck as a MMA fighter, but ENO gave it no chance to shine, resulting in this Youtube pre-roll ad that begs you to skip it.

"SKIP THIS AD OR I WILL BURN. STARTS TO ACT IN 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... ENO. Fight heartburn fast."


Since the campaign was launched very close to Carnival, we decided to take the shrimp to Rio's famous street parades so people could fight the big shellfish with Eno's help.

Did your favorite food started a fight? Forget the war painting and fight back with ENO.

If your favorite food starts a fight, ENO makes it walk the plank in 6 seconds.

ENO. Recommended by 9 in 10 carnival gladiators.

People were asked to post their pics with the #ENOCarnaval hashtag on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. The best ones were used as real-time content on Eno's brand channel on Facebook. We put them together in breaking-news style videos that showed the shrimp attacks during Rio's Carnival.